★ Starlit Night ★

Starry Night over the Rhone (Vincent Van Gogh ~ my favourite artist)

Starlit Night

Album: Robot
Lyrics: Lee Jong Hyun
Music: Lee Jong Hyun

Listen to my story.
I saw a falling star.
And I made a wish upon the tiny spark, then.
My heart belongs to you forever, forever more.
I hope my wish can be heard to the sky…

*この世界で 輝いてる // kono sekai de kagayaiteru
君と僕の話を 知ってる? // kimi to boku no hanashi wo shitteru?
変わらず そばにいてくれる // kawarazu sobani itekureru
君の心が 光らせている // kimi no kokoro ga hikaraseteiru
(Do you know the story of you and I,
glowing in this world?
Your steadfast heart illuminates,
staying by my side)

Hey, look at the night sky.
Do you know why that glitters?
Our minds become a star with one accord.
Glitter in the night sky. And like your mind, baby.
And it is shining somewhere tonight.

ずっと この一つの思い // zutto kono hitotsuno omoi
輝き続けるように // kagayakitsuzukeru youni
そう きっと 君と僕の思い // sou kitto kimi to boku no omoi
一つの星になるように // hitotsuno hoshi ni naru youni
(Always, the one thing on my mind
to continue to glow
Yes, surely, yours and my heart
to become one star)

I sing a song with all my heart my heart.

Lyrics taken from cnbluetheband

Personal note:
Dear my sunshine, do you know why I pinked all the lines in the lyrics? I’m sure you do 🙂