[Download] Mint Paper Project Vo. 2 남과 여… 그리고 이야기 (Men, Women… and Stories)

남과 여… 그리고 이야기

(Men, Women… and Stories)

“A refreshing album. A compilation of high quality songs from K-indie groups.

No mainstream here.

If you listen to indie pop, swing, jazz, bossa nova…

If you favour simple yet beautiful lyrics…

If you’re looking for music to listen to while studying or working…

If you’re looking for music to listen to while driving or in a journey…

If you’re looking for anything other than ordinary…

Here it is.” 

Morover, the vocal of track #10 – ABC is Arina, vocalist of one of my favourite Indonesian band, MOCCA.

MOCCA is a great indie pop band in Indonesia. Their genres vary between indie pop, swing, retro, jazz, and bossa nova.

Their lyrics are mostly written in English. Their first album, My Diary, was released in 2002, when I was at the 1st year of middle school. I bought the album. It was cheap at that time, only IDR 18000 ($2).

I was so happy MOCCA was participating in Mint Paper festival and Arina (the vocalist) was participating in this project.


01. 바야흐로 사랑의 계절 – 이한철 + 박새별
02. Hello – 세렝게티 + 요조
03. 소리벽 – 이지형 + 오지은
04. 조금씩, 천천히, 너에게 – 노리플라이 + 타루
05. 너와 나의 프롤로그 – naru + deb
06. Wgirl – apls + 연진(라이너스의 담요)
07. 우주편지 – 윈디시티 + 웨일(W&Whale)
08. o sonho dela – espionne + 임주연
09. 프랑지파니(um homem e uma mulher) – TOY + Dawn Bishop
10. ABC – 페퍼톤스 + Arina(MOCCA)
11. 서성인다 – 장세용 + 김효수(DOT)
12. 작은 새 – 마이 앤트 메리 + 소이(Raspberry Field)
13. 오래된 연인에게 하고픈 말 – 더 캔버스 + 허민
14. 봄의 노래는 아프다 – 티어라이너 + 양양

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