Love U Like U

Title: Love U Like U

Singers: ‘L’ of Infinite and ‘Kim Yerim’ of Two Months

This is actually embarrassing… I can’t believe I’m writing something like this. Peace ^v^

Alright, where should I start? Everybody is talking about Infinite and everybody is talking about Kim Yerim. I know Infinite and have listened to 다시 돌아와 (because it’s somewhat popular) and 내꺼하자 (because I like the chorus line, it’s so sweet, 어?). I don’t have any clue about who are they and how they look like, since I’m not into boybands. I only know them a little. And I know Kim Yerim because she was featured in Msignal’s 둘이서 and I admit that she has a nice voice. So, because of curiosity, I downloaded the song.

First reaction: “Wow, the song is so good, simple, yet captivating. They harmonize well and they convey the emotion well.”

Second reaction: “Is there any MV for the song? I want to see the face of Infinite L and Kim Yerim.”

Third reaction: “Wow, L is so cute and cool at the same time. What is the drama title again?”

Fourth reaction: “Okay, let’s give it a try, let’s watch the drama!”

Fifth reaction: asdfghjklzxcvbnm

Sixth reaction: (after finishing the drama) “Wow it’s great!!! Normally, I get bored easily when watching crappy love story, unrealistic, exaggerated evil old woman, something about leading a company and stock and equity which sounds so fake, and never ending wasted and unreasonable tears (sorry, but Kdrama is just not my cup of tea). But ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is totally different. What is highlighted in the drama is the friendship among 6 high school boys who love music, who struggle in living, and of course who love each other. Of course, there is love line, but it’s not the main point in the drama. The main point is how hard they try to understand each other, to maintain their friendship, to fix their broken relationship, and to realize that their friendship is sincere. And my favourite character is… Lee Hyunsoo. I always fall for that kind of character, cold exterior, but warm interior. And I was surprised how well L played the role of Lee Hyunsoo.”

Seventh reaction: “Learning Infinite. And my favourite song is Nothing Sober”

Eight reaction: “Maybe I was just bored with my routine and want to have some fun.”

Okay, I should stop my rambling here. Let’s enjoy the song 🙂

I love you 너를 사랑해
I love you, I love you
차마 하지못한 말
The words that I can’t say
떨리는 가슴이 내 맘이
My trembling heart, my heart
늘 숨겨왔던 그런말
Those words that I’ve kept hidden
아침이면 눈부시게 나를 비춰주는
You shine brightly at me in the morning
늘 햇살같은 너는  나에게는 너는
You’re always like the sunshine for me, you are
I like you 너를 좋아해
I like you, I like you
멋진 큰 나무처럼
Like a great big tree
언제나 편안히 내곁에
It’s always comfortable whenever I’m beside you
날 지켜주는  그런 널
You, who always protect me
가끔은 나도 모르게
Sometimes, even I don’t realize
내맘 들킬것 같아
It seems like my heart will be revealed
니 앞에 멋쩍은 웃음만
I just smile awkwardly in front of you
그저 바보같이 웃음만
I just smile like a fool
아침이면 눈부시게 나를 비춰주는
You shine brightly at me in the morning
늘 햇살같은 너는  나에게는 너는
You’re always like the sunshine for me, you are
혹시나 우리둘사이 어색해질까봐
I wonder if things between us will become awkward
조심스레 난 너를 오늘도 난 너를
Cautiously, I am to you, and today too, I am to you
한참을 함께한 우리
Us, who have been together for a long time
또 한참 지난후에
And after a long time
이렇게 편안히 함께
We’re comfortable together, just like this
늘 너는 내곁에
You’re always beside me
늘 난 너의 곁에
I’m always beside you
영원히 우리 함께해
Let’s be together forever
(feel like translating the song also)