[Review] Infinite – INFINITIZE

This is my first time reviewing an album. I’m not a music expert. I’m just a music listener but believe me I’m very selective. I don’t care about market trend. K-pop and American hip-hop… unfortunately I don’t really listen to both. In this era, I still have Belle and Sebastian and Switchfoot in my playlist. Yes, I listen to Korean music, but most of them come from Fluxus Music and Mint Paper.

My friends said it was such a phenomenon when I started going crazy over Infinite – a boy band. Maybe because of that I’m so tempting to review INFINITIZE. I warn you, this review is very subjective and very L-biased.



A perfect intro! “We got the all the chance, we’ll infinitize it” part sounds like a welcome and introductory message to the album. It feels like they want to say, “Beware, in this album, we will fully unleash our potential.”

2. 추격자 (3/5)

Sounds so Infinite. No wonder it’s the title song. That’s one of the reason why I like this group, they have their own color and it’s very distinct-able. However, the song is not as kicking as Be Mine or Paradise. I don’t know what it is, but something is definitely missing. When I first listened to this song, I’m worried whether this song will do well on charts. Maybe it’s not their main purpose but I want them to ripe the fruit of their hard labor.  And I’m also slightly disappointed because L only have one line in this song. I repeat the song over and over again because I don’t wanna believe it. Haha.

3. Feel So Bad (2/5)

What I like from this song is it’s so Asian. The song is not really outstanding though. It sounds like a song that will appear as a backsound in a Korean drama when the characters are on their way to the countryside. It’s kind of the filler song of the album. It should be in track 4 or 5, I think. And L have more lines, yay!

4. 그 해 여름(5/5)

Totally my taste of song. It’s so refreshing and perfectly match with the title. I just love everything about this song, the melody, their voice… simply amazing. I even searched for the composer because I’m totally in love with this song. I really love Dongwoo and Seungyol’s parts, it’s give me this indescribable  vibe.  And of course L’s bridge and his high notes. I love it.

5. 눈물만 (5/5)

A touching fantasy ballad that makes me feel like in wonderland. It’s touchingly beautiful. There’s no vocal harmonization in this song, yet it’s so beautiful to listen to the members’ voice alternately. And yes I was disappointed that L only have one line. The best part of this song is Sunggyu’s voice and to be honest I personally prefer Sunggyu solo live version of this song.

6. 니가 좋다 (4/5)

I think the song is not outstanding in terms of quality but something in this song make me love it. Maybe it’s because the song use beautiful falsetto in the background and it can portray the excitement of someone who is in love well. I can listen to this song all day. And I love L pre-chorus parts, so energetic.

7. With… (5/5)

L’s verse, oh my god, it’s beautiful. It’s such a good decision to put his voice in the beginning of the song. It guides us well to a sweet chorus. I found the middle of the song is lack of something, but the nearer the song to the end, it becomes more beautiful, especially because I get to listen to Sunggyu and Woohyun voice alternately. Harmonization between Woohyun and Sunggyu is simply incredible

Average: (4/5)

Another great album from Infinite. If you used to overlook boy band quality, you should really try listen to this album.

Notes: I personally prefer Hoya and Dongwoo singing.

[DOWNLOAD] MINT PAPER PROJECT VOL. 1 고양이 이야기 (Story of Cats) & 강아지 이야기 (Story of Dogs)

The very first Mint Paper project. It consists of 2 CD:

고양이 이야기 (Story of Cats) & 강아지 이야기 (Story of Dogs)

Near and far away memories, fairy tales album about the story of cats and dogs.
Innovative planning from Mint Paper that actually has started for a long time.
The concept is memories full with fairy tales.
Give a great impression with its sincere lyrics, when all of the artists made new songs just for this project.
The campaign that they did together starts from here…


고양이 이야기 
1. 장세용 – 나의 고양이
2. 소히 – 미안해
3. 캐스커 – 고양이와 나 pt.2
4. 스웨터 – 날아라 멀리 뛰어라, 그게 내 이름
5. 스위트피 – 한여름 밤의 꿈
6. 나루 – 연극
7. 허밍 어반 스테레오 – Hello Stranger
8. 아워멜츠(HourmeltS) – 지혜의 주말
9. espionne – chatte nattie
10. 뎁(deb) – Cat’s Advice
11. 쟈보 아일랜드 – It’s a trick! (톰의 일기)
12. 네스티요나 – 猫兒(묘아)
13. 세렝게티 – Sabina
14. 토이 – 즐거운 나의 하루

강아지 이야기 

1. 이승환 – 비겁한 애견생활
2. 이지형 – 백구
3. 라이너스의 담요 – Don’t Call It Puppy Love
4. 에레나 – Dingdong
5. 이한철 – 오! 나의 주인님
6. 노 리플라이 – 강아지의 꿈
7. 루시드 폴 – 길 위
8. 지누 – Fascinating
9. 애플스(apls) – winkiss(wink is kiss)
10. 페퍼톤스 – HOTDOG!
11. 윈디 시티 – 와다다(wadada) 친구
12. 더 캔버스 – 기다림
13. 정지찬 – 별은 내 가슴에
14. 이석원 – 거북이

Download Torrent 

And I feel like to share some pictures of the album, credit to http://wwangel.tistory.com/

[DOWNLOAD] MINT PAPER PROJECT VOL. 4 ‘cafe : night & day’

cafe : night & day

Alone, sitting in a cafe, whether it’s day or night
Alone, sitting in a cafe, whether it’s a glass of orange juice or a cup of black coffee
Alone, sitting in a cafe, whether it’s a bowl of soup or a plate of ravioli
Alone, sitting in a cafe, whether it’s a thick book or a laptop
Alone, sitting in a cafe, whether it’s day or night
Listening to these songs~

That’s what I imagine when I’m listening to this album. That’s sum up everything.
I’ll leave the conclusion to yourself.


01. 또 왜 그래 – 이상순 + 오지은
02. 커피가 좋아 – 조정치 + 곰PD
03. 준비된 어깨 – 소란
04. 저 잔에 담긴 물처럼 – 박솔
05. 난 좋아 – 정준일
06. 솔직히 말해도 될까 – 이지형 + 임영조
07. The Cup Only Knows – total service with 차차
08. 안아줘요 – 10cm
09. 카페에 앉아 – one more chance
10. 완벽한 순간 – 랄라스윗
11. Love Song – 차가운 체리
12. 그저 그런 하루 – no reply
13. Twosome – 짙은
14. 가끔 이런 날 – have a tea

Download Album

visit http://mintpaper.com/ for lyrics (mintproject > project history > vol.3 > tracklist > title song)


The third series of Mint Paper project.
It’ s still as refreshing as before. It’ still as captivating as before, if it’s not more.
Go, have a good time listening to it!
Time to escape for something different..
I especially love track #01 , #04, #12


01 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 – 10cm
02 포근해 – 성진환
03 팝콘 – 데이브레이크(Daybreak)
04 good bye – 랄라스윗
05 유통기한 – 좋아서 하는 밴드
06 우리집 싱어 – 이아립
07 오늘은 휴일입니다 – 한희정
08 끝없는 이야기 – 이능룡 with 임주연
09 구제불능 – 옥상달빛
10 고향에 살어리랏다 – 론리 허스 밴드(Lonely H’s Band)
11 달빛 스쿠터 – 네온스(neons)
12 무지개 – 나루(naru)
13 취미는 사랑 – 가을방학
14 주성치와 함께라면 – 달빛요정역전만루홈런
15 겨울아침 – 오지은
16 하쿠나마타타 – 세렝게티(Serengeti)

Download Album

visit http://mintpaper.com/ for lyrics (mintproject > project history > vol.3 > tracklist > title song)

[Download] Mint Paper Project Vo. 2 남과 여… 그리고 이야기 (Men, Women… and Stories)

남과 여… 그리고 이야기

(Men, Women… and Stories)

“A refreshing album. A compilation of high quality songs from K-indie groups.

No mainstream here.

If you listen to indie pop, swing, jazz, bossa nova…

If you favour simple yet beautiful lyrics…

If you’re looking for music to listen to while studying or working…

If you’re looking for music to listen to while driving or in a journey…

If you’re looking for anything other than ordinary…

Here it is.” 

Morover, the vocal of track #10 – ABC is Arina, vocalist of one of my favourite Indonesian band, MOCCA.

MOCCA is a great indie pop band in Indonesia. Their genres vary between indie pop, swing, retro, jazz, and bossa nova.

Their lyrics are mostly written in English. Their first album, My Diary, was released in 2002, when I was at the 1st year of middle school. I bought the album. It was cheap at that time, only IDR 18000 ($2).

I was so happy MOCCA was participating in Mint Paper festival and Arina (the vocalist) was participating in this project.


01. 바야흐로 사랑의 계절 – 이한철 + 박새별
02. Hello – 세렝게티 + 요조
03. 소리벽 – 이지형 + 오지은
04. 조금씩, 천천히, 너에게 – 노리플라이 + 타루
05. 너와 나의 프롤로그 – naru + deb
06. Wgirl – apls + 연진(라이너스의 담요)
07. 우주편지 – 윈디시티 + 웨일(W&Whale)
08. o sonho dela – espionne + 임주연
09. 프랑지파니(um homem e uma mulher) – TOY + Dawn Bishop
10. ABC – 페퍼톤스 + Arina(MOCCA)
11. 서성인다 – 장세용 + 김효수(DOT)
12. 작은 새 – 마이 앤트 메리 + 소이(Raspberry Field)
13. 오래된 연인에게 하고픈 말 – 더 캔버스 + 허민
14. 봄의 노래는 아프다 – 티어라이너 + 양양

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visit http://mintpaper.com/ for lyrics (mintproject > project history > vol.2 > tracklist > title song)

M Signal – 1st Mini Album [옷자락이라도] – Download/Lyrics

M Signal – 1st Mini Album 옷자락이라도
Release Date : 2011.12.01
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean

Track list:

01. 옷자락이라도 (Lyrics|Romanization|Translation)
02. 고마운 내 사랑 (Lyrics|Romanization|Translation)
03. 악마(Feat. AMEN) (Lyrics|Romanization)
04. 다 아니까 (Lyrics|Romanization)
05. 모르나 봐 (Lyrics|Romanization|Translation)