Lyrics by: Kosuke Oba
Music by: Lee Jonghyun
Arranged by: Suzuki “Daichi” Hideyuki

*  *  *

明日を拭ってしまいそうな 暗闇のなか 見えたもの
(asu wo nugutte shimai sou na kurayami no naka mieta mono)
 In the darkness, which could easily be wiped away (be forgotten) tomorrow, I saw something

そっと触れた頬 伝う涙
(sotto fureta hoho tsutau namida)
 The tears running down on the cheeks I softly touched

(kizamu toki no iro)
The color (sense) of ticking time

(soko ni kimi ga ita)
You were there

あの日々の風は 君のかけら 胸に置いた
(ano hibi no kaze wa kimi no kakera mune ni oita)
 The wind of that time is a piece of you I put in my heart

I want, I want to stay alive

(kimi to sugoshita hibi ni)
In the days I spent with you

I’m walking to one side

二人の道 違う何かを 見ていたから
(futari no michi chigau nanika wo mite ita kara)
In our paths, We both were seeing…

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