M시그널 (M SIGNAL) is a project male group from FNC Music. The duo consists of 견우 (Kyunwoo) and 전근화 (Jeon Geunhwa). They actually has debuted in 2005 but unfortunately the weren’t well known at that time. Their characteristic is their amazing deep voice.

Kyunwoo and Jeon Guenhwa sang a song of Heartstrings OST together for the first time. Jeon Geunhwa was debuted as 건휘 (Geonhee) in 2005. He was a member of 나인스트릿 (Nine Street) and band 모스아일. He is a vocal trainer and composer of FNC MUSIC. While Kyunwoo was debuted as solo singer in 2005. but he spend hard time for 3 years because of caring his sick mother.

M SIGNAL receives vocal training together with CNBLUE & FTIsland. They started to gain attention after participating in Heartstrings OST. M SIGNAL doesn’t think of performing in idol music program. They only want to deliver their music by performing on live stages.

They come back at 29 November 2011 with releasing their 1st mini album titled [옷자락이라도] . They also released the music video for their title track [옷자락이라도] :

Here is the complete tracklist of [옷자락이라도]:

  1.  ‘옷 자락이라도’ (Even the Hem of Your Dress)
  2. ‘고마운 내 사랑’ (Thanks, My Love) ‘
  3. 악마’ (Devil)
  4.  ‘다 아니까’ (I Know Everything)
  5. ‘모르나 봐’ (I Don’t Know)

Let’s support M SIGNAL ^^

Source: compiled from asiae.co.kr, fncmusic, @Tokkona


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